In 2019
Nan Pao officially certificated with AS9100:DQuality Management Systems standard for aerospace.
In 2018
105G Eco Friendly adhesive certificated Green Labels both in Taiwan and Singapore.
In 2017
Water-based PU dispersions completed the carbon footprint assessment and certificated with the ISO/TS14067 inspection statement.
Nan Pao Materials Viet Nam Co., Ltd has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.
In 2016
Product 188, a multipurpose liquid adhesive that replaces nails for building materials was verified under ISO14064 and in compliance with the Carbon Footprint Assessment.
In 2015
Up until the end of 2015, four green products were certified with Green Materials Certifications in Taiwan, including 815 water-based cement paint, 815 latex paint, and Epoxy flooring paints (918ABM2G and 918ABTG).
In 2014
Our Hot-melt Adhesives Factory was certified with the National Green Productivity and Green Factory Certification.
In October 2013
Nan Pao Water-Based Adhesive NP-3761G won the first ever "Carbon Footprint Label" in Taiwan.
In October 2012
Nan Pao NP-99PU water-based footwear adhesive was certified with the "Carbon Footprint Verification Opinion Statement" and Nan Pao was the first company to win this award.
In June 2012
Nan Pao 815 Friendly Home Paint won the award of "Green Building Materials Labeling."
In May 2009
Nan Pao NP-300G, NP-3670G , and NP-3671G Water Based PVAc won the award of "Green Building Materials Labeling."
In February 2009
Nan Pao Wood Coating received the "National Green Environmental Production Award."
In November 2008
Nan Pao Resins received the "Excellence in Corporation Training Program Award in the Year 2008" and Nan Pao 815 latex paints won the award of "Green Building Material Labeling."
In November 2007
Nan Pao had the honor to be awarded the "High-Tech New Industry of Jiangsu Province."
In August 2007
Nan Pao heat insulating and heat reservation coating had the honor to be awarded the "High-Tech New Product of Jiangsu Province."
In November 2006
Nan Pao coating had the honor to be awarded the "National Inspection-Free Product."
In September 2005
Nan Pao Masonry paint for internal and external walls had the honor to be awarded the "Chinese Famous Brand."
In 2003
Achieved the ISO 9001:2000 qualifications from the SGS Yarsley and the BSMI, M.O.E.A. (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.)
Since 2000
We implemented and achieved the qualification OHSAS18001 for job safety and hygiene management systems which strengthens the company’s system by encompassing Quality, Environmentally-Friendly and Safety and directs the company to the goals of diversification and globalization.
In 1999
Achieved the SGS ISO14001 qualification which indicated that Nan Pao complied with legislation by preventing from polluting, increasing energy savings, and minimizing wastage.
In May 1996
Passed the ISO9002 inspection for BCIQ, M.O.E.A. (Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Quarantine, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.
In December 1995
Passed the inspection for SGS Yarsley ISO9002.

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