Innovation & Service

Innovation & Service

In 1971, Nan Pao established “Nan Pao R&D Center”, whose objectives are to consistently achieve breakthroughs, innovate and proactively conduct R&D, integrating R&D talents and resources to accelerate the development of new, high value-add products, strengthening competitive advantage, creating new value for the Company, promoting the position of Nan Pao as a high-tech adhesive company and marching toward the mission of becoming a leading global enterprise.


R&D Units  

The R&D Center has four R&D departments, hosting 320 outstanding R&D professionals. In 2017,“Polyester Polyol Research Section” was added to focus on the fabrication of polyester polyol from recycled plastic bottles, and its application so as to develop high-end functional material application. The R&D Center also consistently expand to developing green and eco-friendly materials, high functional application chemicals and other new products and technologies. Recently, the R&D Center focuses on developing high functional and low-carbon chemicals as its R&D goals to consistently increase a high value-add industry by utilizing high polymer synthesis and application technologies which Nan Pao has accumulated over the years as its bedrock.




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