As one of the top three footwear adhesive suppliers, the main customers of the Company are mostly top sportswear brands. The footwear adhesive products of Nan Pao are not only eco-friendly, but also more applicable for various traditional and high-tech materials. Furthermore, the Company is able to perform customization according to customer requirements, e.g. automation technology of applying footwear adhesive onto the outsole. Apart from footwear adhesive with stable composites and

constituents, the Company also provides products with low viscosity and without organic solvent. Nan Pao has a powerful R&D team that is able to work together with a highly responsive technical service provision team. As such, Nan Pao is able to stand out from many competitors in the industry.


In response to the rapidly changing market demands and the continuous rise in labor costs, the footwear industry is shifting towards process innovation and optimization trends, such as process streamlining, rapid production, and automation. Our company is dedicated to innovative research and development of adhesive solutions for the new process lines in the sports footwear industry.

Through long-standing understanding with our brand and footwear manufacturing customers, whenever they require the use of new materials, process optimization,  overcoming bottlenecks, or finding stronger adhesive solutions for new shoe designs, they turn to NANPAO during the design stage for joint discussions and development. This is why we continue to receive more orders and enhance our overall market share in the sports footwear adhesive industry.




The key parts of an athletic shoe that require footwear adhesive are as follows

Most athletic shoes have at least 20 spots that require footwear adhesive. The materials for each pair of shoes have their own unique properties and requirements for malleability, air permeability, waterproof property, exterior, shock resistance and elasticity. Before applying footwear adhesive, the shoes also require the treatment of cleaner and primer, and sometimes, hardener. We are able to provide exclusive and comprehensive footwear adhesive solution for each shoe model.  






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