NANPAO values human rights issues and continuously adjusts work regulations to comply with domestic and international laws and regulations. The company has adjusted working hours, wages, and vacation rules according to the latest revised labor laws to ensure that every employee can work with peace of mind and enjoy protection and security in the workplace. NANPAO is committed to creating a highquality and friendly workplace.



As a chemical factory, we regard the safety and health of employees as one of the company's top priorities. In addition to introducing and following the ISO 45001 international occupational safety standard, with the goal of minimizing workplace accidents, we also attach great importance to the safety of contractors who work on the factory premises. NANPAO’s occupational safety guidelines are "zero danger and no chaos." We believe that prevention is better than remediation, so we conduct risk assessment management for potential risks in the working environment and continuously educate and train employees to establish safety awareness and create a safe and zero-disaster working environment.








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