Employee Care


Employment Policy and Recruitment Channels

Good quality human resources are one of the keys to the success of NANPAO. The Company has established reasonable and fair human resource system and healthy internal organization so that employees are able to make full use of their talents. The Company treats applicants and employees in a fair manner regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, religion, nationality or political inclination. By upholding the principle of "valuing talents, enshrining people" the Company provides equal employment opportunity to its employees. Furthermore, the Company proactively utilizes diverse avenues, such as social media, campus internship, internal recruitment and industry-academia cooperation to recruit world-class talents. The Company also proactively engages in industry-academia cooperation with various universities and provides short-term internship opportunities to students, so that students are able to experience work life and make use of their knowledge. Student are therefore, able to quickly adapt to the industry.


Care for Employees with Disabilities

NANPAO pays special attention to the special needs of employees with disabilities and values their training and development. We employ more disadvantaged groups than required by law, and collaborate with the Tainan City Department of Labor to develop vocational training for people with disabilities. Through the guidance and teaching of senior employees and supervisors, employees with disabilities can smoothly integrate into the workplace and complete their work tasks, and we create an environment suitable for their work through ergonomics. NANPAO places a strong emphasis on employee diversity, actively incorporating individuals with disabilities into its workforce, in full alignment with the stipulations outlined in the "Persons with Disabilities Rights Protection Act." We are dedicated to respecting the religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and customs of our employees and take pride in maintaining a pristine record, completely free from any incidents that would compromise their work rights and human rights.

In 2022, all employment contracts between employees and the company in each operating location comply with relevant local laws, and there were no incidents of discrimination, sexual harassment, child labor, infringement of indigenous rights, or forced labor.


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Employee Composition and Retention

As of 2022, NANPAO had a total of 3,083 employees. The total number of employees in the Taiwan headquarters was 691, with 172 female employees and 519 male employees. In recent years, NANPAO has actively promoted a gender-equal working environment, which has helped attract female employees. In 2022, the proportion of female employees increased by 11.69% compared to the previous year (from 23.1% to 24.7%). Due to the labor-intensive nature of the chemical industry to which the company belongs, over 70% of the employees are male. In terms of age composition, over 70% of NANPAO's employees in 2022 were concentrated in the 30-50 age group.

However, NANPAO recognizes that a "diverse" employee composition can increase corporate resilience and help improve overall business performance. Therefore, the company continues to create a diverse and friendly workplace environment, and hopes to continue to increase the proportion of female employees and female managers, working towards a gender-friendly workplace. In 2022, the proportion of female managers in NANPAO Taiwan increased by 1% compared to the previous year (with an additional 1 female grassroots manager). NANPAO also emphasizes the diversity of employee nationalities and composition, with each operating location having employees primarily from the respective countries.

Employees are the most important asset of NANPAO. As such, the Company has provided a comprehensive promotion management course and employee welfare system to facilitate continuous self-development of employees. In addition to general recruitment channels, NANPAO actively participates in campus recruitment events in order to attract more young talent to the stable and solid chemical industry. To retain competitive talents, the company strives to create a friendly working environment, emphasizes work-life balance, provides employee training and development opportunities, and promotes continuous self-improvement for employees to achieve their personal career development.

As a player in the chemical industry, the majority of new employees in the NANPAO Group are operational staff, R&D personnel, and management personnel aged between 30 and 50. In response to the rapid growth in the group's performance in 2022, the proportion of new hires in Taiwan is 22%, and the proportion of new hires in the entire group is 23%.


Emplyee-management Communication

NANPAO holds labor-management meetings every quarter in compliance with the law, where representatives from both the employer and employee sides communicate and exchange ideas with sincerity to manage labor relations, value and respond correctly to employee opinions, and effectively coordinate labor-management relations to promote cooperation. For decades, the company has upheld the belief of "harmonious labor-management relations, mutual benefit" to promote and advance labor-management relations. The company follows all labor laws and regulations, including the Labor Standards Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, and Labor Insurance Act. In addition to these laws, NANPAO maintains an obstacle-free labor-management communication channel, with 56.68% of employees participating in the union, and the union leaders regularly holding meetings with company representatives. The company also invites the union chairman to participate in business meetings to provide employees with a comprehensive understanding of the company's operations and direction.


Maternity and Family Friendly Measures

The company and the Employee Welfare Committee have signed contracts with nearby reputable childcare institutions to provide childcare services and benefits to employees. In response to the government's policy on parental leave without pay, employees can apply to the company for parental leave in accordance with the "Gender Equality in Employment Act" and the "Implementation Measures for Parental Leave without Pay," and can extend their leave based on personal needs. Early resumption of work can also be arranged, and during the leave period, employees can still enroll in the company's labor and health insurance.


NANPAO is committed to safeguarding maternal rights and building a friendly working environment and system for both male and female employees. The nurses take the initiative to care for pregnant colleagues, examine whether the working environment needs to be adjusted, and provide suggestions. In Taiwan, we comply with the "Gender Equality in Employment Act" and have established lactation rooms, offering 8~14 weeks of paid maternity leave and 7~30 days of paternity leave in accordance with the law, as well as granting unpaid 7 days’ parental leave. As NANPAO operates globally, the duration of maternity and paternity leave varies based on different regional regulations. When calculating the average across our workforce by region, we provide an average of 18 weeks of paid maternity leave and 1.3 weeks of paid paternity leave.


Employee Welfare

NANPAO has an employee welfare committee, and all company welfare expenses in Taiwan are allocated according to statutory contribution rates, which include 0.5% of salaries, 0.11% of revenue, and 30% of the sale of scrap materials, used to organize various welfare activities for Taiwanese and foreign employees. Welfare expenses for overseas business locations are based on local regulations. The allocation of expenses for each branch of the employee welfare committee in Taiwan is decided by its members and employees and includes organizing regular travel activities, Labor Day lottery draws, club activities, health checkups, scholarships, various bonuses and gifts, and employee group insurance.


Employee Benefits Measures

To build employee cohesion and foster healthy recreational activities after-work, the Company highly encourages employees to participate in after-work activities. For instance, the founding of the badminton club and golf club helps employees enhance their physical well-being and connect with coworkers through weekly training. Employees are able to foster positive ties with coworkers, which further help them establish better teamwork at work.

A. Employees are entitled to labor insurance, National Health insurance and group insurance on the first day of work.

B. The Company has set up a "benefits trust fund program" to provide relative incentives to purchase company stocks in the form of trust fund to establish personal short-, medium- and long-term flexible capital utilization or financial planning.

C. Apart from the basic salary, also available are the annual bonuses such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Spring Festival bonuses. Based on the Company's profitability, various incentive programs are designed according to different positions, and the profit and surplus are shared with employees to achieve the purpose of attracting, retaining, motivating and cultivating high-quality talents in a planned way.

D. The Companys Employee Welfare Committee is organized to take care of employees' lives, promote their wellness, and maintain a harmonious labor-management relationship. The committee is responsible for the planning and organizing of staff benefits and various activities, such as celebration of festival, club activities, and employee outings. Other benefits and subsidies include those connected to emergency assistance, in hospitalization, weddings, funerals and other events.  


Exposing Gender Pay Ratio

In 2022, NANPAO Taiwan classified male and female salary ratios by managerial and non-managerial positions, and found no difference in the annual salary ratio between male and female employees, regardless of their positions. For employees in the same position, such as grassroots officers, their treatment is the same. For those with relevant professional and work experience, their treatment is based on their education, expertise, and qualifications, and is not affected by gender or ethnicity. Using female salaries as a baseline of 1, the average salary for male managers was 1.06 and for non-managerial male employees was 0.94.

NANPAO provides a competitive and multi-faceted compensation system that does not discriminate based on age, gender, or race. The average salary level is also higher than that of the industry. We adhere to the concept of sharing profits with employees to attract excellent talents, motivate and retain existing employees. NANPAO Group (including the Taiwan headquarters and overseas subsidiaries) complies with the requirements of employee salary and benefits in each operating location, and there were no violations in employee salary and benefits in 2022.


Retirement system and execution 

A. The Company has provided Retirement Policy.

B. The Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee was established in accordance with the law. Retirement funds are withdrawn monthly and deposited in the trust department of the Bank of Taiwan.

C. Starting from July 2005, the new pension system was implemented in accordance with the law. According to the monthly salary grading table of labor pension payment, 6% of the employee's monthly salary will be paid to the employee's personal account of the Labor Insurance Bureau on a monthly basis.

D. According to the provisions of International Accounting Standard No.19, the actuary is required to conduct evaluation on the pension reserve fund, and submit an actuarial assessment report.


pension system

old system

new system

Applicable law

Labor Standards Act

Labor Pension Act

How to allocate

Monthly allocation of retirement reserve funds (15% allocation rate) to the special purpose account of Taiwan Bank.

Following the monthly salary-based contribution table for labor retirement funds, we allocate 6% of each employee's monthly salary to their individual account at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

Amount of


As of December 31, 2023, the balance in the Labor Retirement Fund Account is New Taiwan Dollars 340,484 million.

The allocation for 2023 is NT$24.222 billion


Employee Clubs and Societies

We encourage employees to establish clubs and take part in club activities. To date, employees have taken the initiative to establish the golf club and badminton club in NANPAO. For sports clubs such as basketball and jogging clubs, employees are able to foster rapport and friendship via working out after office hours or during weekends. This is able to deepen interaction and understanding between executives and employees outside the office. Apart from improving health, these activities are helpful in increasing workplace collaboration efficiency.


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