Employee Care

  • Employee Welfare System:

The Employee Welfare Committee has been established at NANPAO. All employee welfare expenditures in Taiwan have been allocated in accordance with legal regulations. A total of 0.5% of salaries, 0.05% of revenues, and 20% from selling scrap have been allocated and used for organizing various welfare activities for both local and foreign employees. Expenditures from each branch of the Employee Welfare Committee are autonomously decided by the committee members and employees. These expenses include regularly organizing employee travel, Labor Day lucky draws, club activities, health checkups, scholarships, various bonuses and holiday gifts/bonuses, and employee group insurance.

To build employee cohesion and foster healthy recreational activities after-work, the Company highly encourages employees to participate inafter-work activities. For instance, the founding of the badminton club and golf club helps employees enhance their physical well-being and connect with coworkers through weekly training. Employees are able to foster positive ties with coworkers, which further help them establish better teamwork at work.


  1. Employees are entitled to labor insurance, National Health insurance and group insuranceon the first day ofwork.
  2. The Company has set up a "benefits trust fund program" to provide relative incentives to purchase company stocks in the form of trust fund to establish personal short-, medium- and long-term flexible capital utilization or financial planning.
  3. Apart from the basic salary, also available are the annual bonuses such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Spring Festival bonuses. Based on the Company's profitability, various incentive programs are designed according to different positions, and the profit and surplus are shared with employees to achieve the purpose of attracting, retaining, motivating and cultivating high-quality talents in a planned way.
  4. The Company’s Employee Welfare Committee is organized to take care of employees' lives, promote their wellness, and maintain a harmonious labor-management relationship. The committee is responsible for the planning and organizing of staff benefits and various activities, such as celebration of festival, club activities, and employee outings. Other benefits and subsidies include those connected to emergency assistance, inhospitalization, weddings, funerals and other events.


  • Retirement system and execution
  1. The Company has provided Retirement Policy.
  2. The Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee was established in accordance with the law. Retirement funds are withdrawn monthly and deposited in the trust department of the Bank of Taiwan.
  3. Starting from July 2005, the new pension system was implemented in accordance with the law. According to the monthly salary grading table of labor pension payment, 6% of the employee's monthly salary will be paid to the employee's personal account of the Labor Insurance Bureau on a monthly basis.
  4. According to the provisions of International Accounting Standard No.19, the actuary is required to conduct evaluation on the pension reserve fund, and submit an actuarial assessment report.



  • Human Rights Protection:

Founded on the four core values of “leadership, integrity, teamwork, and efficiency,” all actions related to human rights at Nan Pao are in compliance with international standards. The Company is dedicated to ensuring workplace safety, respecting employees, and abiding by moral obligations.



Target topic

Risk assessment


Mitigation measures

Execution effect

Safe and healthy work environment

Maternal Employee Health Protection Plan

Assessed according to the work environment and work hazard assessment table

female staff

Adjust work according to risk communication and consensus, provide nursing room and exclusive parking space.

Track performance

2020 : 10th place

2021 : 5th place

2022 : 3rd place

Prohibition of forced labor

Overload hazard risk assessment (every three years)

Proportion of employees with overload risk levels 3 and 4: 0.04%


Formulate an overload hazard prevention plan, consult health education, work adjustment, and track improvement according to the evaluation results.

In 2021, a total of 6 high-risk employees will be screened out and tracked regularly, which is properly controlled.

Prohibit child labor

Employee Handbook

In addition to the announcement abide by the employee handbook for implementation.


From the beginning of recruitment, the age check of over 16 years old is carried out according to law

Well-controlled and no risk

Eliminate discrimination

Concerned about the spirit and development of the international "Modern Slavery Law"

Investigate whether the living and working conditions of foreign workers are treated unequally

migrant workers

1. All foreign workers are employed as regular employees

2. Management measures will be announced in the language of migrant workers

3. Meeting with foreign employees every week to promote and understand the needs

Well-controlled and no risk

Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining

Ensuring unions and industrial meetings run

Ensure the safety and smoothness of employee complaint channels, and conduct employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis.


Quarterly meetings are held to discuss issues related to employees and participate in communication as nonvoting delegates.

61% of employees join the union (TW)