A Word from the Management

A Word from the Management


With more than 50 years of history, Nan Pao has continuously progressed focused  on growing our brand as well as enhancing technologies and our services. Nan Pao has made substantial investments in developing water-based sustainable products with low pollutants as well as low carbon emissions and reduced energy consumption, in response to global warming and deteriorating environmental pollution. We also continue to develop further cost-effective solutions to satisfy our customers’ demand for products that focus on carbon emission reduction, water consumption reduction, better building insulation performance, and optimization of materials. We seek to use products that support the circular economy to help Nan Pao and our customers increase competitiveness In a sustainable way.



Employees are Nan Pao's most valuable asset, and we regard employee safety and health as one of the primary goals of the Company. We have introduced and complied with ISO 45001 International Occupational Health and Safety Standards and aim to minimize or eliminate occupational accidents. We also remain vigilant to the safety of contractors that perform operations in our plants. Nan Pao's principle for occupational safety is to "maintain order with zero risks". We believe that prevention is more important than improvements after accidents, and we conduct risk assessments to manage all potential risks and improvements in the work environment. We also continue to provide training for our employees to develop their risk awareness and establish a safe work environment with zero occupational accidents.




We take responsibility for our economic, social and environmental impact on the world and we firmly believe that companies must create positive impacts in order to create higher value and contributions for all stakeholders. We shall continue to challenge ourselves to become a top world-class company and continue to develop green products and innovative technologies to ensure coexistence and growth with this beautiful world and society.



Chairman of Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.