Supply Chain and Customers

Supply Chain and Customers


Supplier Sustainability Management Policy

NANPAO regards suppliers as long-term partners, and competitive quality, technology,delivery time, and cost are essential requirements for suppliers. In the future, NANPAO will place greater emphasis on supplier governance, environmental considerations, and social aspects, making suppliers important partners in driving sustainable development across the value chain. To achieve targets of supply chain sustainable development, the Company seeks to ensure that when suppliers provide products and services, the processes are compliant with social and ethical standards. Furthermore, the Company also ensures that they understand and adhere to regulatory requirements, and are proactive in responding to environmental protection and social related issues, and taking on ESG such that they consistently undertake improvement and enhancement measures. To respond to sustainable development requirements on a timely manner, the Company had incorporated a "Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct" and "Letter of Commitment for Environmental Protection" in the "NANPAO Supplier Code of Conduct".



Technical Service

The customer satisfaction level is not merely built on product quality. In fact, the after-sale services are the key to customer satisfaction. The technical service department has gathered many experienced professionals who have accumulated solutions for technical problems over time. Furthermore, we have established a comprehensive big data database which is sent to various locations of operation to provide professional technical service for customers in the vicinity. Meanwhile, for the properties of each product, the Company also provides customer production teams with complete guidance and support on the product usage. When customers are in the product development stage, the technical service teams of NANPAO are able to promptly provide viable solutions to collaborate in resolving product problems. In the event that customers encounter difficulties in product usage and report back to the sales department, the technical service units shall immediately take over to provide support.


After customer products are in the manufacturing stage, the technical service units shall collect all problems encountered by customers in the production lines and perform troubleshooting exercise at the customer ends. Each quarter, the technical service units shall convene a technical seminar to take proactive actions in resolving problems encountered by customers.



Protection of Customer Privacy, Rights and Interests

For the protection of customer privacy, the documentation of business information, trading transactions or any information related to customer privacy is undertaken by designated personnel so as to implement personal data management which is required by the provisions of Personal Data Protection Act. Internally, any access to customer records must be approved and authorized beforehand to ensure that no leaks pertaining to customer confidential information shall occur. In 2022, the Company had not received any complaint regarding sabotage of customer privacy or loss of customer information. Meanwhile, the development, product registration, marketing and advertisements, sales, etc. shall be completed in an orderly manner. The product marketing and advertisement activities shall be undertaken in accordance with the law and regulations.








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