Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicator




♦  Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating (100-0; 0 being the lowest risk)

    July 2020 - 36.0 / July 2021 - 31.1 / August 2021 - 23.4

    March 2023‒ 26.7 (The company ranks 146th in terms of risk among 549 

    chemical companies globally)

♦  S&P CSA Global ESG Ranking

   February 2022-32

   February 2023-49 (Ranked 10th among 497 global chemical companies in terms

   of ESG performance.)

♦  FTSE Russell ESG Rating

    June 2022 - 2.6 (0-5, with 5 being the best)

    June 2023 - 3.4 (Ranked at 42nd percentile, surpassing the global specialty 

                                chemicals industry average of 2.7)

♦  Corporate Governance Evaluation TWSE Top 6%~20%

    July 2022, we were first included in the "Corporate Governance

   100 Index" as a constituent stock

♦  Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) indicators on

    disclosure and third-party assurance






♦  Made a cumulative welfare donation of NT$72,754,852

♦  Assigned experts from NANPAO to conduct chemistry and

   science courses in the community to produce mutual benefits.

♦  One third of employees in Taiwan factory attended online

    self-learning to increase corporate competitiveness.

♦  Accorded "2022 Happiest Employees Award" by 1111 Job Bank.

♦  Held "Factory Open Day", inviting the community to visit the

    factories to facilitate social security interaction

♦  Invited social welfare organizations to hold a "Secret Santa"

    Christmas gift event, to celebrate the warm Christmas with

    employees and fulfill their dreams of gifts.







♦  Officially committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

♦  Established zero-carbon roadmap

♦  Inventory of greenhouse gas emissions from three scopes

    in various operating chemical plants under the NANPAO Group.

♦  Installation of renewable energy equipment for self-use, with solar

    power generation equipment

   (already being installed in the Taiwan, Foshan, Thailand, Kunshan,Vietnam,

     Vietnam Advanced Materials, and Dongguan plant areas.)

♦  NANPAO(Vietnam) conferred certification of Higg Facility

    Environmental Module, Higg FEM

♦  Conferred certification of bluesign®SYSTEM PARTNER.

♦  Conferred certification of ZDHC Contributor, more than 80% of the

    products shipped from Foshan, Dongguan, Vietnam, and Indonesia plants to

     well-known sportswear brands have obtained the highest level 3 certification.

♦  By 2030, reduce the number and usage of high concern

    chemicals by 50%. As of 2022, the usage has been reduced

    by 62% compared to the previous year, achieving the target

    ahead of schedule.













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