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A company’s sustainable management and continuous improvement need to arise from the development and cultivation of its human capital. NANPAO’s training policy is“to develop competencies of the Organization in accordance with the Company’s vision and strategies so that the corporate culture and values are ingrained in the day-to-day actions of employees. We will develop unique competitive advantages through continuously enhancing core competencies, and foster well-rounded and globalized management talent, and formulate an organizational culture keen on learning and practice.”


  • Employee training: 

Starting from the first day of work, new employees are are introduced to the Company’s corporate guiding principles, including corporate social responsibility and related policies. NANPAO E-Learning plays a central role in employee learning. Through the Learning System, every employee can participate in the various training courses and programs provided. The Company plans for training needed by each professional discipline to create a comprehensive talent development program.

The Company’s employee training programs are as below:

  1. New recruit training: This training covers two stages. The first stage includes the official environmental safety/health course, management guidelines, and related policies. At the same time, introduction personnel from various departments to help newcomers quickly become familiar with their colleagues and with the organizational culture and guidelines. The second stage focuses on professional skills and knowledge corresponding to individual job positions.
  2. Personal competency development: Based on the shared functions among colleagues, with offline courses as the main and online learning as the supplement, the management related knowledge and skill training will be provided (for example: cross-departmental communication skills, project management, business-related skills, legal knowledge). Also, relevant advanced elective courses are provided in line with service years of colleagues.
  3. Professional knowledge improvement: In coordination with the Company's strategy, colleagues are sent to participate in domestic/international industrial and management-related seminars and forums. Trainings provided by the consultant companies and manufacturers also help the Company promote technology, develop new products, introduce innovative ideas, and improve management skills.
  4. External training program: In response to the needs of skills necessary in positions or the development of professional ability from the staff, the Comapny provides the information on external training programs to help improve the staff's working or professional skills, thus boosting the organizational competitiveness.
  5. Manager training: For employees at the management level, the Company conducts a series of management training courses to improve the management of the Company.


2021 NANPAO E-Learning curriculum and execution process are as follows:


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Total Number of

Training Hours

Business Department



Production Department



R & D Department



Management Department



All company




  • Employee Competency Enhancement and Timely Facilitation:

NANPAO provides diverse and enriched learning channels and developmental resources according to individual working needs,performance evaluation results, and career developmental needs. These resources include on-the-job training, classroom training, work coaching, the mentorship system, job rotation, and more. We conduct research for the employeecompetency and cultivation plan and require department managers to inspect the deficiencies in functionalities and employee skills based on job profiles and the talent development plan. This will help promote effective resource utilization, as well as systematically cultivate talent and establish talent and technical knowledge database, creating more value for the Organization.


  • Succession plan for important management:

- The sustainable operation and continuous improvement of an enterprise must come from the development and cultivation of human resources 

-  To continuously improve core capabilities and develop unique competitive advantages

-  Cultivate all-round/internationalized management talents, and shape an organizational culture of teaching and learning


The company has more than 10 senior managers who are responsible for related businesses within the organization, and understand the economic, taxation and cultural differences between different countries through work rotation and assignments, supplemented by practical experience teaching, and through business management meetings and executivedecision-making Meetings, etc., to deepen the understanding of business philosophy and cultivate their management skills; to organize reform meetings and CEO talks for key cadres, and to stimulate various innovative governance of managers through different benchmarking enterprise learning andcurrent affairs analysis Views, operations and learning allow the company to change and grow, and to select important members of the succession echelon. In December 2016, the company selected Ming-Hsien, Hsu from the senior managers as the group executive.


In response to the group’s organizational development and growth momentum, in addition to recruiting outstanding senior managers, the company will continue to actively cultivate potential and high-levelmanagers, strengthen individual coaching and work exchanges, and provide job rotations and assignments in a timely manner Plan to establish a comprehensive ability to cultivate and motivate succession candidates so that they can become the future leaders of the enterprise.




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