Workplace Safety and Health Management


Cultivating a Culture of Safety and Health and Raising Everyone’s Awareness of Workplace Safety

As a chemical producer, Nan Pao has always been committed to promoting safety and health. All of our chemical substances are subjected to rigorous safety and health inspection management procedures and in compliance with the law of Taiwan and company policies. We also understand that the target of corporate sustainable operation can only be fulfilled through an emphasis on safety. Besides installing quality hardware and protection facilities at our production sites, we are also aware that employees’ behavioral safety and attitude are the keys to implementing procedural safety. Therefore, we advocate workplace safety awareness, and workplace safety drills and educational training have become key practices every year at Nan Pao. Each department puts autonomous workplace safety management and safety and health protection into practice, and each site also aspires to achieve zero occupational hazards and strives to become the benchmark for safety and health throughout the industry.


  • Chemical Substance Management

One of the most important tasks to achieve corporate sustainable growth is to strengthen internal chemical substance management and safety management throughout the product lifecycle. Nan Pao has established a list of hazardous substances and their corresponding safety data sheet (SDS). The content of the data sheet is in full compliance with regulations of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).


  • Establishing the Safety and Health Committee

To comprehensively fulfill occupational safety and health management, Nan Pao established the Safety and Health Committee in 2001. The committee is the highest-ranking organization of reviewing and discussing safety and health management and is chaired by the chief manager of each production site in turn. Members of the Safety and Health Committee include occupational safety and health personnel, business department managers, supervisory personnel, occupational safety and health engineers and technicians, medical personnel related to employee safety services, and employee representatives. These members are responsible for drafting, negotiating, and supervising matters related to the environment, safety, and health at each production site, and the committee regularly convenes once in every quarter.


  • Workplace Safety

As a part of the chemical production industry, Nan Pao sees employee safety and health as one of the Company’s top priorities. Therefore, the following safety management tasks are strictly carried out. We implement safety and health management based on high standards set by ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001: rigorous standards on minimizing occupational hazards. We establish contingency strategies for chemical leaks, fires, blackouts, explosions, odors, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, personnel casualties, abnormalities in wastewater or waste gas treatment systems, public protests, and environmental accidents. To ensure the effectiveness of the annual contingency drill at each production site, we request each site to learn from past experiences and carry out various standardized drills, including earthquakes, fires, gas leaks, and chemical leaks, so that critical contingency procedures can be executed correctly. The highest-ranking managers at each production site will request each site to minimize occupational hazards to a minimum by setting rigorous standards. In addition, we also regularly carry out performance evaluation of production sites and accountable managers every year.


  • Organization of Emergency Response Team: