Sustainable Management Organization


NANPAO established an independent CSR in 2012 and established the Sustainable Management Committee in 2020. The Board of Directors serves as the highest authority for ESG operations and NANPAO 's sustainable development results and plans are reported in board meetings. The Committee explains economic, environmental, and social development issues as well as international trends to help the highest governing body of NANPAO understand sustainability.


The vertical management and horizontal communication of the governance structure and operation system of NANPAO 's Board of Directors, management, and all operation departments cover the implementation and response for economic, environmental, and social issues of concern to stakeholders.





The representatives of the Sustainable Management Committee include the Chairman and President of NANPAO. They regularly report the Company's corporate governance and environmental and social issues, including safety, health, and environment (SHE), operational strategy and performance, research and development, risk management, financial conditions, and stakeholder communication. In addition, each department reports and reviews the impact of the issues on the Company and response measures to the highest level of governance through regular meetings.



·    Sustainable team engagement 

Sustainable Team

Job Description

Sustainable Project Leader

l  Develop sustainability goals and policies with the Sustainable Management Committee

l  Group sustainability goals and related project management

l  ESG Ratings: Improve rating by International and local rating organizations

l  Cultivate sustainable talents and enhance the group's awareness of sustainability

Executive Secretary

l  Sustainability project meeting convening and tracking

l  Relevant data collection and analysis

ESG Project Manager

l  Sustainable project goal achievement, progress management

l  Cultivate sustainable talents

ESG Participants

l  Sustainability project work execution

l  Data collection and analysis