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Company Secretary

For implementation of corporate governance, the Company has resolved by Board of Directors on January 17, 2020 to appoint the assistant VP of Financial Management Division as a Company Secretary, to safeguard shareholders' rights and benefits and enhance the functional capability of the Board of Directors; in addition, the Company Secretary will also be responsible for matters regarding the boarding meetings and shareholder meetings and relevant affairs.


The implementation of corporate governance business execution in 2022 are as follows:

(1) Assist the board members with job execution, offer the required information and plan for the continuing education:

(A) Inform board members from time to time of the latest amendments to laws and regulations related to organizational operations and corporate governance.

(B) Provide directors with the required information and maintain smooth communication and exchange among directors and all higher-level officers.

(C) Independent directors communicate with the chief internal auditor or certified public accountants to understand organization’s financial performance.

(D) Arrange annual extended educational courses for directors based on their education, background and up-to-date laws and regulations.

(2)  Affairs relating to investor relations:

(A) Report implementations of corporate governance to the Board, independent directors, and the Audit Committee to ensure that the Company’s Shareholders’ Meeting and Board are in compliance with relevant laws and corporate

(B) Assist directors to make resolutions in a board meeting and remind them of the legal requirements to be complied with

(C) Announce the material information of important resolutions made in a board meeting to ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of information contents, in order to protect the transaction information equality of investors

(3) Prepare the agenda for meetings; inform directors to convene meetings seven days in advance; provide directors with meeting-related data and issues; remind directors of the avoidance of conflicts of interest, where necessary; and issue the minutes of meetings within 20 days after each meeting

(4) Proceed with registration before the AGM date; and produce documents including the meeting notice, AGM handbook, meeting minutes and annual report for the reference of investors, the Company applies amendment of register for Articles of Association and changes of board members.


The company secretary training list as of the publication date in 2022 shows as followed:



Training Course



Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation

An international perspective on independent directors and the 2022 shareholders meeting

1 hrs

11 hrs


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation

International Bi-Summit Online Forum

2 hrs


Securities & Futures Institute

Insider Trading Prevention Promotion Conference of 2022

3 hrs


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation

Sustainable Development Roadmap Industry Theme Promotion Conference

2 hrs


Securities & Futures Institute

Insider Equity Transaction Act Compliance Information Session of 2022

3 hrs



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