Nan Pao certificated with AS9100:D Quality Management Systems standard

Nan Pao certificated with AS9100:D Quality Management Systems standard


Nan Pao Resins Group is developing carbon fiber composite materials for years, Nan Pao officially certificated with AS9100:DQuality Management Systems standard for aerospace in March, 2019.


The new generation oftemoset carbon fiber composite plates remains themechanical properties and has developed mass manufacturing processes to reach rapid mass production. It aims to resolve the mass production difficulties of temoset carbon fiber composite materials and provide brand new manufacturing methods for the customers who require lightweight carbon fiber composite materials.


“Carbon fiber composite materials “show excellent load ability on lightweight materials, it’s managed as an attraction, providingsatisfaction to the customers. The manufacturing processes ofcarbon fiber composite materials are long, and mass production can cause very high cost. In view of these difficulties, Nan Pao developed thetemoset carbon fiber composite plates in thermoplastic technology processes based on our advanced technologies and proficient abilities on resins, which reaches the goal ofrapid mass production and remains mechanical properties of temoset composites and also being halogen free and fire resistant. Our revolutionary carbon fiber composite materials outshines other carbon fiber composite products in the market, production time is faster than the traditional temoset composites and even significantly shorten the processes and lower the cost. Carbon fiber composite materials can be used in the industries of 3C, manufacturing, automotive, subway,aerospace and other industries.


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