Nan Pao Blood Drive Event

Nan Pao Blood Drive Event



Nan Pao was the chief organizer of a joint blood drive at Xigang District, Tainan in July 2019. Biorich Bio-Technology Co. Ltd. , Apogee Optocom Co., Ltd. and Nan Pao Charity Foundation also participated in the event by providing lucky draw prizes.


We called on our employees and the local community to join in the blood drive, and as a result, a total of 416 bags of blood had been donated, and the number of participants also rose by 14.9% compared to the previous year. This outstanding result also provided a much-needed relief for the blood bank. This was Nan Pao’s fourth time organizing such a large-scale blood drive. The turnout was brilliant, and many Nan Pao employees also rolled up their sleeves to donate blood, which helped lead to the event’s success.








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