Beach Cleaning Volunteering Activities

Beach Cleaning Volunteering Activities



NANPAO and APOGEE OPTOCOM Co.,Ltd jointly held the Chigu Lagoon beach cleaning activity on November 21, combined with an ecological education trip, and the participation of volunteers was very enthusiastic.


Volunteers gave instructions on beach cleaning and sand protection before the trip. Another important task on the day was beach waste monitoring. Through the classification and measurement of various beach wastes, it can help relevant units to count the coastal waste types and main sources, in order to achieve good control from the source of garbage. Through the actual beach cleaning process, everyone's awareness of reducing the use of disposable garbage is also aroused.


This beach cleanup cleared 2,080 pieces of marine debris, 64% of which were daily garbage, and 31% of marine operations and ship garbage; let the volunteers understand the importance of reducing waste.






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