NanPao Group Fourth R&D Research Competition

NanPao Group Fourth R&D Research Competition



The Fourth R&D Research Competition of NanPao Group was hosted on August 20, 2021. R&D teams from all regions of the company were welcome to join; in total 15 groups were chosen. Internal and guest experts awarded one Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal group, three honorable mentions and an Innovation Technology Award, a new award category this year. Chairman Wu, CEO Hsu and Executive Assistant Huang were invited to present the awards. 

The following is a brief excerpt of Chairman Wu’s congratulatory speech, “We hope the competition will stimulate the R&D energy of researchers, and encourage all to make persistent efforts to develop more technologically innovative and market-leading products for our group.”


Award-winning Products


Gold Medal Award

"Water-based Peeling Adhesive for Shoe Upper"

Footwear Technical Service Department, Chiu Tung-Hsing

The "Shoe Upper Peeling Adhesive" combines the functionality of adhesives and coatings and its capability to adhere and peel can be controlled. It can be applied as a film on the surface of non-absorbent leather and mask the pattern of leather. Through daily wear and tear, it will gradually peel off over time. Depending on the user, differing patterns will form, making each shoe its own unique design.


Silver Medal Award

"Ultra-high Temperature Electronic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive"

Foshan NanPao Adhesive R&D Department, Jay Lin

This developed pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) is a high-functional electronic grade application product, with excellent properties such as ultra-high temperature resistance of up to 300°C, aging resistance, and weather resistance. It can be widely used in polyimide (PI) and PET ultra-high temperature tapes. This product can reach the detection limits of high-temperature testing equipment and can replace silicone system-based ultra-high temperature adhesives, greatly reducing the cost of industry standard products.


Bronze Medal Award

"1K PUD Spray Paint for Footwear Materials"

Innovation and Development Department, Edward Wang 

One-component water-based PU spray paint for footwear materials has excellent compatibility and dispersibility with the pigment material. As an environmentally-friendly product, after the customer tones the specific color needed, it is sold to the shoe factory for direct spraying. The characteristics and performance meet the requirements of the brands.


Innovation Technology Award

"Development of Low VOC Double-sided Tape PSA for Automobiles"

Adhesive R&D Department, Ko Pei-Hsin

Currently, it is very difficult for solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesives used in automotive doors, windows, seats, air conditioners, etc. to meet the low VOC specifications and low odor requirements. This developed product not only achieves these requirements but also reduces costs. It passes automobile manufacturers requirements PV3341 (TVOC50mgC/g) and odor standard PV3900 (level 2-3), has high solid content, toluene-free and many more advantages. Most importantly, this product reduces the harm to the human body and environment.


Honorable Mention

1. "Development of Adhesive for Metal Wire Sandwiched Packaging"

Hot Melt R&D Technical Department, Huang Sin-Chang

Hot-melt adhesives for paper lamination application are applied between paper sheets. This type of product is not common in the market. Based on interest and curiosity, along with an existing industry demand, the invention of this product was through control of odor small molecules. This developed hot melt adhesive is odorless, can achieve high initial strength within 3 seconds, and yellowing-resistant. 


2. "Polyester Polyol for Solvent Polyurethane Composite Adhesive of Retort-resistant Flexible Packaging at 121°C "

Polyester Polyol R&D Technology Department, Will Yang

This product is a solvent-based polyester polyol. It is a key material for polyurethane adhesives used in the inner film lamination of high-end flexible packaging. It can withstand boiling at 121°C and has high peel resistance, high sealing strength, and excellent adhesion properties. This facilitates the high temperature pressing and rapid gluing of the composite film on a variety of surface materials, cooperating with the continuous flow of production operations.


3. "Hot Melt Adhesives for Difficult-to-stick Substrates"

Foshan Great-Will R&D Department, Wei Bao-Ping

Some new and environmentally-friendly substrates such as silk, bamboo fiber, cotton fiber, etc. currently used in disposable sanitary products have difficulty meeting the bonding requirements of existing conventional hot melt adhesives. Because most of these difficult-to-stick substrates have a certain polarity, this product has made breakthroughs in terms of thermal stability and polarity to solve the adhesion problems.

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