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Primer For Footwear

Modified surfaces of substrates. Different substrates use different primers, the proper primer gives great binding performance of substrates.

Primer For Footwear

TPR & Rubber Primer

It is widely applied for RB or TPR to change the s...
Product No.:1015FS

EVA,CMP & IP Primer

8650 used on high hardness EVA and proper CMP&IP
Product No.:8650

EVA Primer (Toluene)

EVA Primer Create great adhesion with PVC, leather...
Product No.:P304

PVC Primer (Toluene)

PVC, PVC counter。
Product No.:P109

PU & PVC Primer

PU, PVC, synthetic leather, mesh cloth
Product No.:P122

Leather Primer

Leather,synthetic leather and oil leather
Product No.:210

Leather Primer

Leather Primer is leather/synthetic leather cement...
Product No.:P117

Solvent-based Primer for Carbon Fiber Sheet

JW-043 primer is specially designed for carbon, Ny...
Product No.:P415

Oil Leather Primer

Oil Leather Primer is a cement booster for priming...
Product No.:P147

Solvent PU/TPU Primer

No.111FT consists of superior components for clean...
Product No.:111FT

Solvent based PU Primer

It’s a toluene-free primer, applied before the DCS...
Product No.:P-132

UV Primer

UV Primer is S/B UV primer workable on materials w...
Product No.:UV-8N

Solvent-based UV Primer

UV-33 is S/B UV primer for materials with low pola...
Product No.:UV-33

Solvent-based EVA Primer

Solvent-based EVA Primer is non-UV primer for EVA ...
Product No.:NUV-90N

Water-based Primer for Rubber

This is the W/B primer for rubber that meets the e...
Product No.:2015K

Water-based PU Primer

UE-8SF is W/B primer for PU with anti-yellowing pr...
Product No.:UE-8SF

One component water-based primer

1. Water-based single component primer (SCA-P) UE-...
Product No.:UE-312

UV Primer

UV Primer is S/B UV primer workable on materials w...
Product No.:330

PEBAX Primer (Carbon Primer)

1024 is specially designed for carbon primer , Nyl...
Product No.:1024

Nylon Primer

Primer 1024 is specially designed for carbon, Nylo...
Product No.:1024

◆Features of Primer for footwear

Nan Pao has 55 years experiences of making Primer for footwear, we have high standards of manufacturing and quality control to assure the qualities of all the products. There are various kinds of Primer for footwear products available for different applications and customized products developed to suit production-line needs. Our professional and global well-trained technicians are available for onsite support throughout the manufacturing processes. Many international well-known brands appoint to use Nan Pao's adhesives, we are your best choice!


◆Product categories of Primer for footwear

1.Solvent-based Primer for footwear apply on EVA, PU, PVC, RB, leather, Oil leather, IP, IU, and other materials.

2.Water-based Primer for footwear apply on EVA, PU ,PVC ,RB ,leather and other materials.


◆Specifications of Primer for footwear

Appearance: Transparent~Milky white liquid.

Viscosity: From 20 cps to 4000 cps.

Solid content: From 0%~40%.

Packing: Depend on different product, small packing is 15kg & (15x1kg/can)/carton, big packing is around 200kgs.


◆Applications of Primer for footwear

Nanpao primer for footwear is suitable to different material, We can provide good primer for footwear to all material in shoe making industry.


◆Advantages of Primer for footwear

Nanpao primer for footwear system is total solution in shoe making industry, we can provide high quality primer for footwear to all material use in shoe making industry.We also can adjust the application of primer for footwear to fit the requirement from Nanpao primer for footwear customer. And our water base primer for footwear is high quality and reduce VOC ,it can help our customers to create their value and get better brand image.


◆Quality of Primer for footwear

Nan Pao has been implemented the world's leading quality management standard ISO9001 with 8 major quality management principles to assure the high quality of our products. Our strict manufacturing processes of primer for footwear certificated with OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management System, ISO 50001 energy management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system. We ensure coexistence with the ecosystems and leave a better living situation for future generations.

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