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Construction & Decoration

DIY Craft Adhesives focus on DIY handicraft market, our high quality glues give you practical applications on home diy, wood assembly and art crafting.

Construction & Decoration

◆Features of DIY Craft Adhesives

Nan Pao has 55 years experiences of making DIY Craft Adhesives, we have high standards of manufacturing and quality control to assure the qualities of all the products. There are various kinds of DIY Craft Adhesives products available for different applications and customized products developed to suit production-line needs. Our professional and global well-trained technicians are available for onsite support throughout the manufacturing processes. Many international well-known brands appoint to use Nan Pao's adhesives, we are your best choice!


◆Product categories of DIY Craft Adhesives

1. Water base adhesive: PVAC/White glue、Silicone.

2. Solvent base adhesive: Neoprene glue、Construction adhesive、AB glue(epoxy resin adhesive).

3. Hot melt adhesive.


◆Specifications of DIY Craft Adhesives

1. White Glue/PVAC: packs, bottles.

2. Silicone: cartridge.

3. Neoprene Glue : drums.

4. AB Glue : 2 pcs / set.

5. Construction Adhesive: cartridge, drums.


◆Applications of DIY Craft Adhesives are for DIY handicraft.


◆Advantages of DIY Craft Adhesives :

Premium quality and customization.


◆Quality of DIY Craft Adhesives :

Nan Pao has been implemented the world's leading quality management standard ISO9001 with 8 major quality management principles to assure the high quality of our products. Our strict manufacturing processes of DIY Craft Adhesives certificated with OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management System, ISO 50001 energy management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system. We ensure coexistence with the ecosystems and leave a better living situation for future generations.

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NANPAO is a DIY Craft Adhesives manufacturerin Taiwan, DIY Craft Adhesives supplier, and supply professional DIY Craft Adhesives products, with NANPAO more than decade production experience, professional techniques and best possible performance.