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Tile grout

Ideal for use with non absorbent ceramic tile, mar...
Product No.:CA-004

Grout GP

Pour ITLS Grout GP mixture into intended place, us...
Product No.:CA-007


Is suitable to make a protection waterproofing lay...
Product No.:CA-008

General Purpose Cement Based Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Concrete, Cement Mortar Bed, Cement Plaster / Floo...
Product No.:CA-109

High Performance Cement Based Ceramic Tile Adhesive

High Performance Cement Based Ceramic Tile Adhesiv...
Product No.:CA-110

Cement Filler

1.To adhere and mix old concrete surface and new c...
Product No.:CS-009

Cement Render

Interior wall, exterior wall, panel wall and small...
Product No.:CS-010

Concrete Repair Mortar

1.Concrete surface repaired.
2.Suitable for interi...
Product No.:CS-011

Waterproofing breathable & heat insulation grout

1.With painting and leveling on the indoor, outdoo...
Product No.:CC-903

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