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Labeling Adhesives

Labeling Adhesives made for attaching with paper and BOPP labels with PET bottles, PSA hot melt adhesives for labeling has great adhesion with most of the materials and keeps great flexibility in low temperature.

Labeling Adhesives

Removable Glue

Credit card glue
Product No.:HM-4000

Removable Glue

Sticky note & Credit card glue
Product No.:HM-4075

Label Glue

Medicine jar Label
Product No.:HM-4077

Bottle Label Glue

Used in different application
Product No.:HM-4500

Bottle Label Glue

PET bottle Label
Product No.:HM-4400

label pick up glue

Canned labeling
Product No.:T-HM563

label Glue

Product No.:HM-522

removable tape

Protective stickers
Product No.:HM-205

Label Adhesive

Product No.:HM-242P

logistics label

Product No.:HM-217P

Die-cutting label

automatic labeling
Product No.:HM-232P

Sealing for plastic express pouch

Sealing for plastic express pouch for Express
Product No.:HM-219PM

low temperature label

Product No.:HM-215P

foam Tape

PU/EVA foam
Product No.:HM-218P

Tire Label Adhesive

tire label
Product No.:HM-261AP

tire label

tire label
Product No.:HM-270P

BOPP tape

BOPP tape
Product No.:HM-229P

cloth tape

cloth tape
Product No.:HM-285P

PVC floor adhesive

PE foam/pvc
Product No.:HM-280P

PVC floor adhesive

Product No.:HM-221P

car floor adhesive

Product No.:HM-769P

double-sided adhesive tape

Product No.:G-HM2301

Waterproof coiled material or composite

Product No.:HM-291P

Waterproof coiled material or composite

Product No.:HM-292P

General purpose Velcro tape

Velcro tape
Product No.:HM-295P

High grade Velcro tape

Velcro tape
Product No.:HM-296P

General purpose diaper tape

diaper tape
Product No.:HM-255PF

High grade diaper tape/high loop tack

diaper tape
Product No.:HM-257PF

High grade diaper tape

diaper tape
Product No.:HM-259PF

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Tire Label Adhesive, Bottle Label Glue, Label pick up glue, Label Adhesive.


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